RGB Borbies

RGB Borbies

RGB Borbies are wireless controlled, huge 170cm/67inch wide, led balloons. They can light up in all colors and with different effects. When multiple RGB Borbies are used they can all light up in one color or all in random colors. They have multiple flash patterns. They can also be branded which makes them perfect for brand activation. These RGB Borbies will give your audience a sensational WOW effect during your show or event!


- Inflated they can reach a size of 170cm in diameter (67 inch)
- When not lighted the Borbies XL are white
- Single use
- Bright light output
- Wireless color and flash pattern control
- Option for printing
- Perfect for public and corporate events


Dropswitch system

For the Borbies XL and RGB Borbies we have created a dropswitch system to activate them.
This means you can hang the Borbies XL or RGB Borbies on a Kabuki in the truss and use it first as fixed decoration and have them light up by external lighting.
The RGB Borbies can even light up in all colors and flash patterns while they are still hanging using our wireless control system!
When the party is at its climax the Borbies XL / RGB Borbies can be dropped and the internal lights will be activated automatically.
This will give u huge surprise and WOW effect to your audience!